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  • TaylorMade Golf: Buying Guide


    Whether you’re a newbie, intermediate or a veteran golf player, you can never go wrong with TaylorMade Golf equipments. It’s a common misconception that TM products are over-priced. People should overlook the price, and see the value for money of their purchase. Taylormade Golf

    TM products lasts a lifetime and can withstand any weather conditions. Also, their products have high reasonable value. So, the next time you purchase a TM product, consider it as an investment.

    Below are some guidelines to help you decide which TaylorMade Golf equipment fits you best:
    Check TaylorMade Golf’s website.

    The easiest way to get information about the latest products and technology that TM offer is to regularly check their website. The site is constantly updated and it makes it easier to compare different type of drivers, clubs, irons and apparel.

    You can even contact their customer service for inquiries, and you can expect to get an immediate response. You can also sign-up in their site for newsletters to get regular updates about the company.

    Visit your neighborhood golf shop.

    You can ask your local golf shop about the Taylormade Golf products they offer. They can give advice which TM products will suit to your needs and body built. Ask the staff in the store for their “game improvement” clubs/drivers. They will gladly assist you in finding the right TM product for you.


    Test how the golf equipment fits in your hands.

    Test different series of TM products, and see how comfortable you are in holding the equipments. Is the grip fine? Does the length and weight of the club irons match your built? Seeing the actual products makes the difference and makes it easier for you to decide.


    Ask fellow golfers.

    You probably have a friend or colleague who plays golf and uses TaylorMade equipments. Ask for pointers and tips, which TM series do they like best. They can even give you tips where you can buy low-priced TM used and brand new products.


    Observe other golf players.

    The easiest way is to take a glance of what other golfers use when they play. What type of TM driver, irons, bag, shoes etc they use. Look for TM best sellers and check those products.


    Talk to a TaylorMade Golf sales person.

    Talking to a Tm representative will give you insights on their previous and soon to be released products. You can ask about the difference of each series and the technology behind it. They are qualified to give advice that will match your built and game play. Who knows, they can even give you a discount upon your purchase.

    Attend a TM launch or demo event.

    These events are fun and informative. As an added bonus, TM holds raffles in their event and you might win yourself some TM products. You can even win the product they’re launching.

    As for demo events, the speakers give informative tips and guidelines about certain TM series. They present by means of actually using the TM products in the driving range or the golf course. These people are knowledgeable when it comes to TM products.

    The speakers can also give free personal assessment when it comes to your golf posture and play. They can make recommendations on which TM series can aid you in your game. These speakers are professionals and experienced players/instructors too. So, you’re getting advice from the pros.

    These are the TaylorMade products you should invest and research on:
    • Taylormade-GolfDrivers
      • Irons
      • Putters
      • Hybrid
      • Wedges
      • Grips
      • Balls
      • Bags
      • Gloves
      • Head covers

    As for apparels and footwear options, check out the TaylorMade Golf-Adidas collection. It carries the latest technology in golf apparel such as ClimaCool, ClimaProof, ClimaWarm and TechFitPowerweb. These technologies provide comfort and flexibility to the player. As for footwear technology, TM-Adidas carries the following: Adiprene, Gripzone, Formation, Advanced Traxion Technology and Adiwear. These are the latest in footwear technology, which provides better support, flexibility and comfort for golf players.